2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan – Technology

June 20th, 2016 by


The Mercedes Benz E Class sedan boasts of some eye popping technology. For Mercedes, the safety of its passengers comes first.

The radar based Drive Pilot System adapts the speed of the car depending on the flow of traffic and also keeps you centered in your lane. Cross Traffic Assist, Blind Spot and Pedestrian Recognition alert you about nearby vehicles and passengers.

Radar based Active Brake Assist alerts you about an imminent accident and automatically applies 100% braking, even at 105kmph, to reduce severity of accident. If the system detects a potential accident, the seatbelts tighten automatically; and the windows and the sunroof also close by themselves. In case of a collision or an accident, front seat bolsters reduce side impact.

Ultrasonic sensors in Parking Assist help you to navigate tight parking spots. The Parking Pilot can park the car without the need of a driver. There is a rearview camera as well as a 360o camera to assist you.

A 12.3-inch-wide screen instrument cluster and the standard 12.3-inch central display give the driver very clear pieces of information on navigation, driving, and so much more.

The automatic multibeam LED headlights and taillights adjust themselves according to the need of the moment. The Attention Assist prompts you to take breaks in between long drives.

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