2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon Review

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Wagons or Estate vehicles often receive an incredible amount of love from car enthusiasts all around the world. The reason for this undying affection of the wagons is simply their practicality, look and performance. The best wagons are manufactured by the German automakers, specifically by Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon

Since Mercedes-Benz does not produce the wagon variant of its flagship car the S-Class, the biggest wagon that we can get under the three-pointed star badge is the E-Class Wagon. The E-Class just recently received the facelift treatment last year so you can expect these minor changes in the Wagon variant as well.


The E-Class sedan’s starting model is the E300 while the Wagon starts off from the E400 4MATIC model which features a 3.0 L bi-turbo V6 capable of producing 329 HP. The E400 also feature all-wheel drive (4MATIC) and 9-speed automatic transmission.

If you think that the E400 doesn’t have enough power than there’s always an AMG version to fulfill your needs. The E63 AMG features a 4.0 L V8 bi-turbo engine that produces 603 HP and 627 lb-ft of torque. This powerful engine can propel this two ton Wagon from 0-60 mph in just 3.0 seconds which is faster than many sports cars.

Mercedes-Benz has announced an E450 model for the upcoming 2019 E-Class Wagon which is set to feature the same V6 engine as the 2018 E400 but with 33 more added horsepower.


The exterior of the E-Class Wagon is almost exactly the same as the sedan variant. The only difference is of course at the back. You can also get the AMG sports package as an option which gets you sporty wheels, aggressive front grill and bumper. The car also features all LED headlamps and tail lamps as standard.


The Interior of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon is also exactly the same as you would get in the sedan. It features all the luxury options such as 64 color ambient lighting, dual-zone climate control and a great infotainment system. The speedometer of the car is displayed on the big 12.3 inches HD screen behind the steering wheel. You can also get an extra 12.3 inches for the center console for the infotainment and environment controls of the car.

The Wagon can seat up to seven people thanks to the rear facing third row seats in the trunk.


One of the best things about owing a Wagon is that you get almost the same practicality as you would get from a full size SUV. The E-Class Wagon offers a massive 36 cu-ft of space at the back. And if you fold the back seats then this space can be increased up to 57 cu-ft. This is more than enough space required for grocery shopping.


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