2018 Mercedes-Benz GLT Pickup Is Very Similar To Schroedinger’s Cat – Part I

August 1st, 2016 by

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Recently, Mercedes-Benz has given some indications about what can be expected from its GLT Pickup, its maiden pickup truck in the premium category. The head of the commercial vehicles division of the company elaborated that the new pickup is expected to wear the moniker of GLT-Class.  To put it in a simpler terminology, the brand is not targeting for the GMC Sierra/Silverado twins of the Chevrolet, the immensely popular F-150 from Ford and the Ram 1500.

Rather the upcoming GLT may be a mid-size and smaller pickup truck, primarily meant for the overseas market including countries like Middle East, Africa and Latin America. It is expected that the new GLT may be also marketed in Europe thought the market for pickup is not a big one in the European nations.

Just like the Citan, that is a small van, the upcoming GLT may imbibe a similar recipe but may come up with a distinct template.  May be, Mercedes-Benz will be using a Nissan MP300 for 2016 as its starting point. Though there have been quite a big camouflage on its test vehicle, this fact has become quite obvious already.

From whatever has been detected from the vehicle’s concept pictures, it is clear that it will be a lifestyle-oriented and extremely aggressive truck that will be wearing the badge of the Mercedes-Benz. However, that is not what the expectation of the car enthusiasts will be.

The vehicle as it looks in a leaked video resembles the Schroedinger’s cat. In other words, it can be safely claimed at this point of time that it is a mix of the Mercedes-Benz GLT and Nissan Navara at the same time.

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