2018 Mercedes-Benz GLT Pickup Is Very Similar To Schroedinger’s Cat – Part II

August 3rd, 2016 by

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This is the concluding part of the discussion. Continue reading to know why GLT Pickup will be not designed from the scratch.

But it seems that the brand is working on its conversion. This test car for example has not installed a radiator grille. This will no doubt give a visual identity to the upcoming German pickup.

It may be also possible that modification is in store for its entire front end. But everything may be still in the original place. The pickup’s rear may have slightly revised taillights with guarantee of new headlights, grille and bumpers.

However, it will be the interior that may see a drastic change in the upcoming GLT Pickup. That is because the material quality needs to be improved further for marketing it successfully.  Though, it may continue to function as a commercial vehicle, but the brand may be in for an explanation as to why the price of its GLT is higher as compared to the truck of Nissan apart from the novelty of the brand name.

Since, it has modeled itself on the likes of Navera, its initial sales may be benefited as it gives confidence to the prospective owners that the features of the pickup truck has been taken from a truck that has already earned a good reputation in the market rather than building it from the scratch by a brand that has never developed a pickup truck before.

Though, the new pickup truck may not get success instantly, what is more important is that it is an attempt made by Mercedes-Benz to cover a new segment in the market.

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