2019 A-Class Sedan: The Baby Mercedes-Benz has A Lot to Offer

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The Mercedes-Benz A-Class has been around for a while now. However, it was only available in Europe, and it was also categorized as a hatchback for many years. This meant that the entry-level car of Mercedes-Benz in North America was the CLA-Class for the last few years.

After revealing the fourth generation of the A-Class for the 2019 model year, Mercedes-Benz had finally decided to bring it to the USA and Canada market. However, the variant that is coming here is the sedan, not the hatchback. This means it will replace the CLA-Class as the new entry-level car from the German automakers.

The Sedan

It is the first time ever that Mercedes-Benz has introduced the sedan variant of the A-Class, which was a designated class for the hatchback division of the company. It looks like the sedan was purposefully built for the North American market. However, it will also be available in Europe and rest of the world.

New Design

Mercedes-Benz is known for introducing a new generation for every vehicle after a time period of around 5-6 years. The time had arrived for the A-Class, and it is one of the first cars to receive the next generation treatment by the German automakers. The design of the car certainly displays the next direction of the brand styling, which seems quite minimalistic. Even though it looks like no effort was put in the design, the car still looks beautiful, and it definitely has involved some science as well.

Mercedes-Benz claims that it is the most aerodynamic sub-compact sedan in the world with a drag coefficient of around 0.22. The headlights and tail lights also reflect a more modern look, and it certainly gives out an idea of how Mercedes-Benz might style other automobiles in its lineup in the near future.

The Interior design also looks like it has been completely drawn out from scratch. However, you can still tell that it’s a Mercedes-Benz due to side-by-side screen on the dashboard and those distinctive air vents.


So far the only variant announced for the USA and Canadian market is the A220 sedan. This car features a smaller 2.0 L inline-4 turbocharged engine that produces 188HP and 221 lb-ft of torque. Performance wise it might seem a bit underwhelming as the car it is replacing had some pretty impressive numbers. However, Mercedes-Benz intends to keep it as the entry-level car, so it makes sense to drop the numbers in order to drop the price.

The Mercedes-Benz A220 will be available in two different variants in North America. One will be the normal front wheel drive version, and the other will be the A220 4MATIC, which will be a four-wheel drive version. Mercedes-Benz still haven’t announced the AMG variant of the A-Class sedan, but we can expect it sooner rather than later.


Mercedes-Benz A220 is expected to have a starting price of just under $35,000.

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