2019 Mercedes-Benz B-Class: A Minivan, Redefined

November 20th, 2018 by

Not long after Mercedes-Benz announced the new model of the A-Class, rumors started to circle around that they are working on a new B-Class as well. Those rumors were certainly true as Mercedes-Benz finally revealed the new generation of the B-Class.

The B-Class was launched in Canada back in 2006 and it was in its second generation up until now. Sadly, the new third-generation model of the B-Class is going to be its last. The company plans to discontinue the model after that.


The new B-Class follows the next generation design aesthetics of Mercedes-Benz, which were previously displayed on the new A-Class and CLA-Class. The new B-Class is also based on the A-Class model as always. However, it is a bit swollen and taller, which makes it more spacious on the inside.

The interior of the car also gets a full redesign. Just like the new A-Class, you get side-by-side screens as standard. One of these screens is the instrument cluster and the other one is used for infotainment. Despite all the similarities with the new A-Class model, there will be no sedan version of the B-Class.


The car is designed to be family-oriented. Therefore, the basic model, B180, will feature a humble 1.3 liter inline-4 gasoline engine which produces 136 HP.  A slightly more tuned version of the same engine in the B200 model will put out 163 HP. The most powerful engine that you can currently expect on the new B-Class will be on the B220d model. It’s a 2.0 liter diesel engine which churns out 190 HP. As of yet, there are no AMG variants announced of the new B-Class.

Interestingly, the new B-Class does not feature the brand new 9-speed transmission by Mercedes-Benz. Instead, the German automakers have gone for the 7-speed and 8- speed transmission options. All of the new B-Class models feature an automatic dual-clutch transmission.

Comfort and Convenience

Due to its slightly bigger size, you get more headroom in the new B-Class when compared to the smaller A-Class. You get the best Mercedes-Benz infotainment system, which lets you control the interior of the car for your comfort. The new model also features ambient lighting, which you can change according to your mood. You also get heated seats for when the weather starts getting a bit chilly.

The trunk of the new B-Class is also fairly bigger than the A-Class. With the back seats upright, its total capacity is 16 cubic feet. You can increase this capacity and make it 54 cubic feet by simply folding the back seat down.

Overall, the new B-Class is the perfect car for you if you are looking for a proper family minivan.

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