3 Most Amazing Features of 2018 Mercedes-Benz S Class

June 18th, 2018 by

Every car brand has a particular model that defines the entire brand. That model’s heritage and prestige is the cause of the success of the company that produced it. There are many cars in the market that represent their brand as the main product. When it comes to Mercedes-Benz the car that defines it is none other than its flagship series, the S Class.

The S Class has been the product that has defined Mercedes-Benz for decades. As it is their flagship car, Mercedes-Benz always go full throttle when developing their S Class model. The S Class always represents the best of Mercedes-Benz.

Here are the 3 mind blowing features that you can find on a Mercedes-Benz S Class:

Energizing Comfort

The new S Class has taken to new heights with its interior luxury elements. The energizing comfort environment in your car actually leaves you refreshed after travelling rather than getting tired. This feature allows you to digitally control and setup the mood lighting in the entire interior of the car. You have a choice of 64 different colors to choose from.

Energizing comfort also includes the infused fragrances in the car. You can choose from the collection of different Mercedes-Benz fragrances to be spread around inside the car.

Magic Body Control

Perhaps the most advanced feature to ever be introduced in car, the Magic Body Control system is so innovative that Mercedes-Benz has actually patented it. It works through stereo cameras that are mounted on top middle of the windscreen (behind the rear view mirror) that scans the road ahead of the car in real-time. The cameras can scan the road up to 49 feet ahead of the car and at the maximum speed of 80 mph which is pretty impressive.

The scanned road pattern is then sent to the active suspension of the car which prepares it for the bumps and potholes ahead. Due to this amazing system you hardly feel any bumps or jumps while riding the S Class. It floats like a boat on the road.




The AMG variants of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz S Class S63 and S65 are equipped with a new driver assistance program. The Active Distance Assist or simply DISTRONIC® is a speed adaptation system that reduces the speed of your vehicle by spotting the vehicle ahead by in-built radar. The system can bring the car to a complete stop by applying the brakes and can continue moving again if the pause is less than 3 seconds. DISTRONIC® brings the automobile to a whole new level and it is exclusive to Mercedes-Benz brand.

COMAND® is map reading application that determines the route ahead of the car in real-time and then works with DISTRONIC® to adjust the speed of the car according to the approaching bends or curves ahead on the road. Both COMAND® and DISTRONIC® combine to form a route-based speed adaptation system which is truly a next level security system.

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