5 Most Futuristic Features by Mercedes-Benz

July 23rd, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz is a brand that encapsulates innovation when it comes to automotive technology. Throughout the years, we have seen groundbreaking technology introduced in cars by the legendary automakers from Germany. The brilliant engineers at Mercedes-Benz are always thinking ahead of time and this is the reason why the cars they make dominate in every category.

Here are 5 most futuristic features that you can only find in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle:

Car to X Communication

Communication systems have been present in cars for a very long time. But we have never had a communication system that allows the car to autonomously communicate with other vehicles on the road. Well, we have this innovative feature now, thanks to the brilliant minds at Mercedes-Benz. Car to X Communication system allows the car to share data with other cars on the road regarding potential hazards or traffic jams. This intelligent feature is currently only available in the flagship model of Mercedes-Benz, the S-Class.

Smart Glass

Another futuristic feature that feels directly out of a science-fiction movie is the ‘Smart Glass’ by Mercedes-Benz. This glass can be found in several luxury models in the Mercedes-Benz lineup and is only installed in the roof. It is an electro-transparent glass which has the ability to be darkened by just a touch of the button. Gone are the days of placing a cover over roof glass.

The smart glass in Mercedes-Benz vehicles is filled with liquid crystal film which reacts with an electric current to change the opacity or transparency level of the glass.

Night View System

You don’t have to drive with extra caution and your eyes wide open at night anymore. Mercedes-Benz has introduced its night view system which allows the driver to clearly see the road in dark. The night view system works through infrared lasers installed in the headlights. These lasers emit an infrared light ahead which is then captured through a night vision camera installed in front of the car. The captured real-time images are then displayed on the screen of the speedometer, allowing the driver to see perfectly. The range of night view system is almost 500 feet which is more than enough for driving carefully.


DITRONIC® PLUS® is a super intelligent cruise control system invented by Mercedes-Benz. This system allows the driver to sit back and relax while the car drives itself. Onboard radar system helps the car detects the surroundings of the car and then maintains the desired speed. The car can also ‘lock’ itself with the vehicle ahead; so when that vehicle slows down, the car will also slow down. Same is the case, when it comes to the car’s acceleration resuming in relation to the surrounding vehicles. Moreover your Mercedes-Benz car will also change lane when required. All you have to do is select a side using the indicator while the car is in DISTRONIC® PLUS® mode and it will change the lane after scanning the road for clearance.

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