6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Mercedes-Benz

August 13th, 2018 by

If you are a Mercedes-Benz fanatic, then you would probably claim that you know everything about the brand. But there are some amazing facts about this great German car company that even you might not know.

Here are 6 things you probably didn’t know about Mercedes-Benz:

1.     The First Automobile

Karl Benz, the co-founder of Mercedes-Benz, patented a three-wheeled automobile back in 1886. It was the first car ever made in history. It featured a 954cc gasoline powered single piston four-stroke engine that made a whopping 0.9 HP (which was a lot at the time).

2.     The First Ever Hybrid

Mercedes-Benz produced hybrid cars long before the idea became popular. In 1906, Mercedes-Benz introduced their Mixte model which was a pure hybrid car. It featured a gasoline engine in the front that powered the front wheels and a dynamo at the back that powered the electric motors at the back. Talk about thinking ahead of the time.

3.     The First Car to Feature Brakes and Separate Suspensions on all Four Wheels

Mercedes-Benz is known for pioneering countless things in the automotive industry. So when it comes to brakes and suspensions, Mercedes-Benz was the first company to designate separate brakes and suspension for each individual wheel.

4.     The Story Behind the Iconic Silver Color of Mercedes-Benz

If you are a Mercedes-Benz fan, then you might have noticed that the default color of every Mercedes-Benz model is silver. Well, there is a story behind this iconic color. This story dates back to 1934. Mercedes-Benz was participating in the Grand Prix at the famous Nurburgering track that year. However, their racing car—the W25—  weighed one kilogram more than the required limit (which was 750 gm/1650lbs).

In order to lose that extra kilogram, the bosses at the pits ordered the mechanics to scrape off the pearl white paint of the car. The mechanics did exactly that, and the scraping exposed the silver color of the metal body. The car was the right weight, and since then the color silver was chosen to represent the brand.

5.     First Car Company to use Electronic ABS

Mercedes-Benz is also credited as the first car company to use the modern electronically controlled ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). They introduced this system for their 1978 W116 S-Class. The system was developed through a joint venture project of Mercedes-Benz and Bosch. Not so long after, this ABS system was featured in all the other models of Mercedes-Benz.

6.     Mercedes-Benz Developed an Autonomous Driving System in 1995

It’s a well-known fact that Mercedes-Benz engineers always think ahead of their time. This is why they were able to develop a successful autonomous driving system more than two decades ago. The first car that testes the autonomous driving system was the 1995 W140 S-Class and it drove more than 1,000 miles on the Autobahn without any driver’s input. This technology laid the foundation of the brilliant safety systems that you can find in Mercedes-Benz vehicles currently.


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