AMG C 63 Sedan: The Perfect Epitome of Power and Class

February 14th, 2019 by

Executive Class Vehicle That Inspires

The 2019 model AMG C 63 Sedan is not just another automobile. It is a powerful status symbol that is bound to impress. It is an emphatic statement of highly refined taste and preference. Whether it is raw power, superb control, regal comfort, resplendent cabin or cavernous space this elite feature-rich vehicle has it all.

If you ever wanted to ride an elite sedan powered by 503 hp engine and exquisite traction control, then the AMG C 63 Sedan is the answer. Needless to say, it will be one of the most agile luxury sedans you will ever see.


The aerodynamic contour, swept headlights, a distinctive grille, intake, and diffuser design impart an athletic and imposing persona. The standout exterior design speaks volumes about the sheer performance and immense luxury – qualities that are hard to find in tandem making this executive class sedan a rare gem among luxury vehicles. The spoiler lip at the back end is a statement of aerodynamic refinement – it minimizes lift towards the rear axle at high speeds to increase stability.


The plush interior is an exotic blend of exhilarating sporting atmosphere and elite class luxury that can be offered by none other than the Mercedes-AMG brand. Each and every dimension of the vehicle interior has been meticulously designed to convey the high-performance philosophy of Mercedes-AMG. This is reflected even in the side support element of the highly ergonomic seats that provide much needed lateral support to passengers during high-speed turns. The interior is bedecked with myriad touches of functionality and comfort – the stunning high-resolution infotainment display, high-tech steering wheel full of well-placed buttons to control driving mode and touchscreen display, LED lighting that immerses the cabin with vivid hues, delectable trim, the finest upholstery, immense roominess, vast legroom, DYNAMIC SELECT knob to change driving characteristics on demand and so much more.

Engine and Transmission

The exotic 4.0Litre V8 Biturbo engine delivers explosive force and yet fine tunes output for dynamic control. Every engine is personally crafted under the ‘one man, one engine’ axiom and is, therefore, a work of art and an emphatic statement of professional dedication.

Top-class racing performance and high precision control are a reality, thanks to the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9 transmission system which is equipped with nine gears. Whether it is fuel saving economy style, super short shift durations, responsive control or blazing fast acceleration, the transmission system makes it possible. Engineering innovations to both hardware and software mean that gear changes have no effect on tractive power. What’s more, you can now execute multiple shifts in one go such as moving directly from ninth to sixth gear to save precious time in races. The RACE START function allows dynamic acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.1 seconds.

Book a test drive today and discover for yourself why the AMG C 63 Sedan is the perfect choice for exquisite luxury, power, and innovation.

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