An Easy Guide To Mercedes-Benz Car Names

January 24th, 2017 by

If you are looking around at a Mercedes-Benz dealer in Brampton, you may have noticed a peculiar trend in the car names. While most companies have specific names for a vehicle like the Nissan Altima or Toyota Tundra, Mercedes-Benz likes to name all of their cars with just a couple of letters. This may seem more confusing at first or harder to remember, but each letter refers to a specific class of car or feature, so you can easily combine letters to describe a car. Here is a breakdown of the most common letters and what they mean:


A: This class is the hatchback, which features additional storage.


B or R: These are the different multi-purpose vehicles, an all-around good choice for any family or single driver.


C and E: These are the more popular coupe models, which are a bit larger than sedans.



G: This is the SUV class, perfect for people who want plenty of seating and trunk space.


S: This is Mercedes-Benz’s unique luxury sedan class, and it is one of the most popular models.


Now that we have a general guide to the different classes of cars, we can then add additional letters to signify the types of features. An “L” will always represent a luxury car, so a CL-class is simply a luxury coupe. It’s very easy to determine the #class and type of any model you see. Other symbols include “K”, which indicates a supercharged engine, “T” for turbo and “D” for diesel.


Fortunately, you don’t need to remember all these terms when you shop at a Brampton dealership like Mercedes-Benz Brampton. We can help you decode and understand all the features on each model, so check us out online at We’re here to find the perfect new or preowned vehicle to fit your style and budget!






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