An In-depth Look at MBUX (The Mercedes-Benz User Experience)

May 4th, 2018 by

Ask anyone who drives a Mercedes-Benz in Brampton, and they will all point out one thing, driving a Mercedes is unlike anything you have ever driven. It is a class apart, and the smoothest ride you will ever experience. That is no exaggeration on their part because Mercedes-Benz has made tremendous upgrades to the performance and drive of their cars. All that money and hours spent on redefining driving experiences for drivers has finally paid off.

The reason Mercedes-Benz drivers love the Mercedes-Benz experience is because of the MBUX (the Mercedes-Benz User Experience). That has revolutionised the way drivers experience driving in a car, with not one but two high-resolution displays that will transform the environment inside the cockpit. The MBUX system makes good use of AI (artificial intelligence), to help create an emotional connection between the car and the driver. This system can learn everything due to its superior AI, and all updates are uploaded through the cloud straight to the vehicle. This means that the MBUX will keep getting smarter and better as time passes.

Advanced Technology is the Future

The greatest thing about Mercedes-Benz is that they are always at the forefront of using cutting-edge technology in their cars. They are very active in using advanced technology, like the voice assistant system, which allows drivers to give commands to the car to complete tasks! All you must do is utter the words, “Hey Mercedes”, followed by any command.

For instance, if you feel cold, you can say, “Hey Mercedes, I’m cold”, and the car will automatically raise the temperature inside the car a few degrees to warm-up the cabin. That is incredible, and the MBUX system can do other things, and the best thing about this is that the MBUX system analyses usage patterns, and then creates ‘suggestions’, so that you get quick access to your favourite applications.

Next-Level Display Features

There are about 3 different widescreen display options that come with this technology, which include:

  • Two 7-inch (17.78 cm)
  • One 7-inch and one 10.25 inch (26 cm)
  • Two 10.25-inch displays

The infotainment system will feature about 4 different ways to control the infotainment displays, which will include the physical touchscreen, the built-in voice assistant, the touch-control buttons on the steering wheel, or the touchpad. The greater flexibility offered to drivers, ensures that they can choose the best way to interact with their Mercedes-Benz.

The good news is that the MBUX system is already in production, and is slotted to arrive with the new A-Class, with better versions and models expected to come in other Mercedes-Benz models. So, what are you waiting around for? Place your orders for a brand-new Mercedes-Benz that comes with the MUBX system for a driving experience unlike any you can experience in the world.

If you want a Mercedes-Benz with the MUBX system, come and visit Mercedes-Benz Brampton today, and talk to our experts about this latest Mercedes-Benz technology.

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