Assist Features by Mercedes-Benz

November 7th, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz always strives for greatness in every area of automobile manufacturing. For more than a century, this car company has introduced some of the most innovative features to benefit the automotive world. Mercedes-Benz has always been the leader in every segment, whether its safety, performance or fuel economy.

The hottest trend in the world of the automotive industry right now is the driver assist programs. Top car manufacturers around the world are working on ways to reduce the stress on the driver while they are on the road. These programs not only improve the driving experience, but they also keep the passengers safe inside the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz is already miles ahead of all the car companies as it has perfected and delivered these amazing assist programs to its vehicles.

Below are some of the most prominent assist programs that can only be found in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle:

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC®

Cruise control is a fairly old technology, and now it can be found in almost every decent car around the world. Mercedes-Benz went ahead and modified this system to create an ultimate driver assist program. The Attention Distance Assist DISTRONIC® allows the driver to relax during the driver as it takes care of the speed and distance by following the car ahead.

This system can also detect the speed limit by sensing the signboards on the road. It is also quite responsive as it can bring the car to a complete stop in the case of an emergency.

Active Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist

This system comprises of two onboard radar sensors that are located inside the rear bumper. These sensors are constantly on high alert to detect any vehicle approaching from the blind spot. After sensing the upcoming vehicle it indicates the driver through a red light embedded inside the side mirrors of the car.


Most of the accidents that happen on the road are caused because of the lack of sleep of the driver. ATTENTION ASSIST® is one of the best safety features that can only be found in selected Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This system reads up to 70 different parameters regarding the driving style of the owner. Therefore, if the car notices anything odd about the driver, then it indicates to the driver by displaying a message on the dashboard. For example, if it notices that the driver is tired, then a message will appear on the instrument cluster asking the driver to stop driving and take some rest.

Adaptive Braking Technology

The brake system of the car has to be very responsive. If you drive a car with bad brakes, then you significantly increase your chances of getting in accident. However, if you drive a Mercedes-Benz, then you shouldn’t worry at all. Adaptive Braking Technology by Mercedes-Benz makes sure you can brake at the right moment to avoid accidents. It moves the brake pads closer to the discs instantly after you lift your foot off the accelerator. In this way, you can brake quicker than usual.


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