Best Burgers: Staff Picks From Mercedes-Benz Brampton

February 6th, 2017 by

You know what it’s like. You’re at work, it’s close to noon and everyone starts making recommendations for lunch.  Recently at Mercedes-Benz Brampton, we had a great debate about which burgers were best in the Brampton area. We discussed thick or thin patties, buns, condiments and everything in between.  Here’s where we ended up:


The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro:  Our service team members really like the burgers here—and especially the huge array of burger toppings, like avocado and salsa, blue cheese ranch and bacon, smokey BBQ sauce and jack cheese.  But the favorite by far was the 6 Degrees of K’vin Bacon, with six different kinds of bacon! Everyone thinks it’s ridiculously good and a must-not-miss for bacon lovers. 8 Queen Street E.


Harvey’s Restaurant has been a long-time favorite in Ontario.  And now that there are more gourmet burger places, they’ve stepped up their game to include premium toppings like roasted corn, tzaziki, and interesting sauces. And their fries are legendary. Did we mention their new Key Lime Donuts?  Oh yeah. 320 Main Street N.


Zet’s Express Premium Burgers is a low key, trucker-stop kind of place, and they don’t skimp on ingredients.  Their burgers are massive, juicy and delicious.  Everything is made to order. The original Zet’s is just around the corner, with a more extensive menu, so either one is a great choice. 2701 Derry Rd E, Mississauga.


A&W is still a favorite for fast, quality, fresh food. We love the seasoning they use for the beef and like the fact they still use leaf lettuce instead of the cheap shredded stuff. The veggies are fresh, and the onion rings could be the best in town. 120 Brickyard Way.


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