Best Mercedes-Benz Car from Every Category

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Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturing company based in Stuttgart, Germany. It is known for producing high-end luxury cars in every category since it was founded back in 1926. The origins of Mercedes-Benz dates back to 1885 when Karl Benz, a German Engine designer, built petrol engine powered car. He acquired the patent of this car in 1886 and the rest is history.

Mercedes-Benz produces all types of vehicles including cars, trucks and buses. It has a large collection of different car categories that comes in all shapes and sizes. These categories are designed according to the market place and demands from customers.

Here are the best cars from each category produced by Mercedes-Benz:

Subcompact Hatchback

The only hatchback subcompact car that Mercedes-Benz produces is the A Class. The first generation of A Class was introduced in 1997 as a compact car initially. The second generation saw the A Class finally produced as a subcompact hatchback.

The third generation is now available in the market for customers to buy. It features different variants of petrol and diesel engines with turbo charged options as well.

Compact Saloon

The best option in a smaller saloon category is of course the small but powerful C Class. C Class was launched by Mercedes-Benz in 1993 as smaller entry-level luxury saloon. Currently in its fourth generation, the C Class has grown well and is now available in many different variants.

The most notorious version of the C Class is the C63 AMG. The C63 features a massive 4.0L twin-turbo charged V8 which produces 469HP.

Mid-Size Saloon

Mercedes-Benz produces the E Class in the midsize saloon category. The E class has been side by side with its big brother the S class since 1953. As most of the Mercedes-Benz cars it is also available in some insanely powerful AMG variants.

Full Size Saloon

There is place for only one car in this category and that is the flagship car of Mercedes-Benz. The car that defines the brand and has ruled the category of luxury saloons all over the world for decades, it’s the S Class.

Started back in 1954 with the W180 model, the S Class has always been the best seller of Mercedes-Benz. The current sixth generation known as the W222 model was launched in 2014. It is the ultimate luxury car to buy right now in the market. It competes with high end models from the companies such as BMW, Audi, Bentley and Rolls Royce.


The best in the SUV category from Mercedes-Benz has to be the iconic G Class. The almost perfect vehicle from the German automakers has barely changed its shape for almost 40 years. It is everything that a luxury off-road SUV should be. The reliability and performance of the G Class around the world has earned it a legendary status among SUVs.

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