Best Vans under Mercedes-Benz Badge

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Mercedes-Benz is a name that has become synonymous with leadership and dominance. This is because they are known for producing high quality vehicles in every category. Whether its luxury sedans, SUVs, Wagons or transportation vans. Mercedes-Benz has their vehicle marked as the best in each category.

Speaking of vans, Mercedes-Benz produces some of the best transport and passenger vans that you can find on the market.

Mercedes-Benz Metris

Metris is a smaller van produced by Mercedes-Benz for the American and Canadian markets. It comes in two variants of cargo and passenger vans.

Metris Cargo

Mercedes-Benz Metris cargo van is a two-seater 2 door van which is specifically designed for carrying lightweight cargo such as logistics and inventories. It was designed to target shop owners or door-to-door workers such as plumbers and electricians who need to carry cargo on a daily basis. The Metris is the best small cargo van that you can find on the market right now.

Metris cargo van is a front engine rear wheel drive van. It features 2.0 L DOHC 16-vavle inline-4 engine which produces 208 HP @5500 RPM. It comes with a 7-speed automatic transmission with a manual shifting option as well. Top speed of the Metris cargo van is 100 mph which is enough if you are in a bit of a hurry.

Mercedes-Benz Metris van has an impressive cargo space of about 186 cu ft which is a lot for a van this size.

Metris Passenger

Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger van has all the same features that come with the cargo van except for a range of exterior colors, alloy wheels and back passenger windows. Metris passenger van seats up to 8 passengers in a nicely designed interior, which you would expect from a manufacturer like Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a bigger and better van the German automakers produce. Just like its little sibling Metris, Sprinter also comes in two different variants that are cargo and passenger.


Sprinter Cargo

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo van comes in further variants such as Sprinter Worker, Sprinter Hi-roof Cargo and even a cab chassis. The standard sprinter cargo is a 3-seater front engine rear-wheel or an all-wheel drive vehicle. It comes in 2 engine variants, gasoline and diesel, and also turbo-charged versions for each of these. Transmission options include 7-speed automatic and also a 9-speed automatic with manual shifting mode.

The most impressive feature of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo van is its cargo capacity. It has an impressive cargo volume of around 319.1 cubic feet.

Sprinter Passenger

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger van takes full advantage of the huge size of the vehicle. It can seat up to 12 passengers in it is 4 rows of seats. It features an elegant interior with nice upholstery, as expected from Mercedes-Benz.

The Sprinter Passenger and Cargo vans are also available in 4×4 versions for extra comfort and road grip.

If you are looking to buy new or used vans from Mercedes-Benz in Brampton, Ontario then the best place to get them is from your local dealership.

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