Brave any Terrain with the Sprinter 4×4 Cargo Van from Mercedes-Benz

January 9th, 2019 by

Loaded to maximum capacity, braving for the roughest terrain, and not having done this before, you may feel a little intimidated. However, be it business or pleasure, the Sprinter Cargo Van from Mercedes-Benz will keep you safe. No load is too heavy and no terrain is too rough. Whether it’s snow or rain, or desert or wetlands, you won’t have to worry with this powerhouse by your side.


The Sprinter 4×4 Van comes in two models, the 2500 and the 3500. The two models differ in payload capacity and cargo volume, with the 3500 being the larger of the two. The Sprinter 4×4 Van comes in four configurations, the standard Roof 144 WB, the High Roof 144 WB, the High Roof 170 WB, and the High Roof 170 WB EXT. The differences between the models are in cargo volume and payload capacity. The transmission and the engine capacity don’t differ at all. The Engine is a 3.0 L V6 turbocharged BlueTEC Diesel model and has 5-speed automatic transmission.


All configurations and models of the Van are heavy lifters and powerhouses and can handle huge payloads with ease. For such an unassuming design and a clean look, they’re all beasts of power.

The vans all sport an engine with 188 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque.


Since the Sprinter 4×4 Van has to handle so many heavy packages and payloads and steer and cut tight turns and corners, it has a few features that help it do so. For maximum traction, the Sprinter 4×4 Van has a low-gear differential. This helps to navigate any steep grades and to tow any heavy trailers through tricky roads. This even takes care of travel on rough terrain.

Another key feature of the vehicle is that it has a very light 4-wheel drive. It only adds 120 kg to the system and allows you to get the best traction without the sacrifice of payload or efficiency. Getting to have your cake and eating it too is a rare occurrence anywhere in any situation.


Then of course there’s also the Adaptive ESP to consider. The Sprinter 4×4 has an advanced steering system that can brake individual wheels if there is danger of the vehicle tipping over or spinning out of control. The enhanced stability on the road and directional stability that this system provides really makes a difference on the part of the driver.


The Higher Ride Height feature allows you to get up to 20% more ground clearance than before with up to 110 mm in height on the front axle. On the rear axle, you can get about 80 mm in height.

The last of the features is the Reinforced Stabilizers. The front and rear axles have these stabilizers to make sure there’s extra power given to them to brake when the going gets tough.



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