Conquer Anything with off-Road Legend Mercedes-Benz G-Class

February 19th, 2019 by

The timeless off-road sensation maintains its DNA by preserving all the reliability, adventurism and character of the classic versions while introducing newer features for added functionality. The latest 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class model will surpass all modern challenges with flying colors.

The iconic design of the vehicle remains relevant in all eras and points towards the steely grit and tenacious character of the powerful off-road legend. The formidable silhouette evinces the vehicle’s determination to push relentlessly and conquer any environment.

Vibrant Interior

While several elements remain pristine, one thing that has changed substantially is the ultra-modern and highly luxurious cabin. Classic design features ensure that the vehicle offers maximum space and legroom for a vehicle with comparable dimensions. The hand-built interior is the proud result of dedication and devotion. Exotic handcrafted wooden trims and modern LED lighting orchestrate an eclectic ambiance of the classic and contemporary clearly indicating that the legend is built for the future. Vibrant colorful themes can also be subtly changed for elevated dreamlike luxury.

The sunroof is equipped with heat rejecting glass and the cabin can be immersed in 64 different vibrant hues to maximize comfort. The finest material has been employed for top-class upholstery which even includes options for hand-fitted leather and hot-stone massages for seats. Acoustic glass ensures tranquility in the interior space and climate control systems offers the best comfort even under harsh weather conditions. There is hardly any vehicle that offers the cavernous space for a vehicle this size with incredible maneuverability that has made it an all-time favorite for adventurers and thrill seekers.

Engine and Off-Road Capabilities

The powerful all-terrain vehicle is equipped with a powerful 5.5L V8 577 hp biturbo engine which is more than adequate for even the toughest terrain and at the very top in vehicles of this category.  Whether it is fording depth, climbing or any other off-road capability, the G-Class continues to evolve and grow stronger thanks to engineering proficiency of Mercedes-Benz.  The two-speed transfer case, three locking differentials, and four-wheel drive capabilities have been honed for unmatched off-road excellence. Plenty of ground clearance, resilient suspension and, fine balance make this model a formidable off-road machine. The no-nonsense and highly pragmatic boxy shape and sharp lines make navigation a breeze in busy terrains where visibility matters. You can lock in the differentials so that there is no wheel slip even on muddy ground and you can ford high murky waters that stall other vehicles.

Suspension and Control

The high-tech suspension system leverages double wishbone suspension, electric power steering, and rigid rear axle to valiantly navigate even the most daunting terrain. But it is not just about hardiness and off-road capability. The multimode suspension system continuously adjusts damping to make the vehicle comfortable to drive on both natural and urban landscapes making it a truly versatile SUV. It even supports fuel efficiency by deploying the CAMTRONIC system that can reduce fuel consumption through seamless deactivation of cylinders.

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