Does Mercedes-Benz Have A New Coupe In The Works?

August 22nd, 2016 by

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It was only last week that a mystery coup’s silhouette was released by the Mercedes-Benz to tease the audience. It is now clear that the vehicle in question is Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6. The most recent teaser of the automaker on social media showcased the new wide and long sports car. The vehicle’s front end was also showed off.

The Vision is characterized by a long hood, a large waterfall grille and paper-thin headlights. Its side profile has a drama that can be also seen in its front end.  The vehicle seems to be quite distinct as compared to any other Mercedes-Benz car till now.

However, some may debate that its grille has taken a few clues from AMG GT R. It was initially not known if Mercedes intended to debut a production or concept model. However, it is clear from the latest teaser that “Vision” is the name given to its new Concept car.  It is expected that the official debut of Mercedes-Maybach will take place on August 18 at Pebble Beach.

In case you are having difficulty in remembering the name of the car, it will be easier for you to note that 6 refer to its length of six meters. It is being expected that the length of Mercedes-Maybach 6 will be about 232 inches. In fact, its length can be even more that the S600 sedan from Mercedes-Maybach. The sedan’s length is 214.6 inches. You just cannot overlook a tiny Maybach badge right under its 3-pointed star.

Experts are wondering whether the Maybach coupe will appear as good as the Vision Gran Turismo Concept that made its debut at Pebble about 2 years ago. It can be a close fight between the two.

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