Drive in Style with the Mercedes-Benz B-Class-Avant Garde Edition

December 19th, 2018 by

You don’t use the term “the total package” that often because very few things fit that description aptly. There are very few things that even come close to being the total package, but with the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Avant Garde Edition, that nail has been hit on the head.


What most people care about in cars is the speed and the comfort it can provide. Mercedes-Benz has kept that in mind as much as any company can to give you the best of both worlds. The spacious and stylish interior B-Class-Avant Garde adds a great feel to the drive. The car perfectly grips the road while you cut through the wind and majestically make your way to your destination.


It’s as dynamic as it is aerodynamic and it owes its speed and style to the meticulous machining that the body undergoes as part of the aerodynamic testing.


There are split folding rear seats that can accommodate a volume of over 1500 liters, whether it is family members, friends, cargo, or even a whole holiday’s worth of skiing equipment.


While its comfort is unmatched, the  beast of an engine under the hood with over two liters worth of “pure energy” has no competition as well. The engine is energy efficient and produces enough power that provides the power that you deserve to tear through the wind and make your way to your destination as fast as you want to. There is a seven gear dual clutch system that offers smooth transitions between settings and drives with the smoothness of an automatic.


All that power and speed have coupled with them incredible handling control. The DYNAMIC SELECT option allows the driver of the B-Class Avante Garde to customize the throttle shifting and the multiple pushbutton modes. And the variable torque-all wheel drive has you covered, when driving on the roughest or the wettest surfaces out there. It can divert up to 50% of the engine’s power to the rear wheels instantly when needed.

UI and Entertainment

Since no modern car is complete without an in-built entertainment system, the B-Class Avante Garde comes with an 8-inch display with vivid colors and an operating system that is compatible with both Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto. You can use Bluetooth for audio streaming purposes and enjoy the long ride back home with a few of your favorite tunes.


There is also great temperature control in the vehicle with dual temperature zones and high LED performance headlamps along with a panoramic sunroof. The COMAND navigation system installed in the vehicle contains a LINGUATRONIC voice control unit that allows you to navigate with ease.


The car is a complete package in every sense of the word and the Mercedes Benz line-up is all the richer for it.


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