Everything You Need to Know About Mercedes-Benz Scheduled Service A&B

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If you want your Mercedes-Benz in pristine driving condition, you should schedule routine maintenance from an authentic dealership. This will ensure that your Mercedes-Benz doesn’t breakdown in the middle of the road, or needs unnecessary repairs every week. You can take advantage of the Flexible Service System offered by Mercedes-Benz to all drivers, which includes:

  1. Schedule A
  2. Schedule B

There are different maintenance plans but are just what your Mercedes-Benz needs to be in the best driving condition. The Flexible Service System helps you maintain your Mercedes, and eliminates any guesswork from the picture. So, here is everything you need to know about schedule A and schedule B with the Flexible Service System from Mercedes-Benz.

Flexible Service System: Schedule A

The Schedule-A Service is based on factors like your driving style, and where you drive. The specific features of the Mercedes-Benz model are also considered. Any Mercedes that is manufactured after 2009 requires service after 10,000 miles on the road, or after 1 year has been completed. Once that first service is completed, the next service should be at 20,000 miles or after 2 years have passed.

The Schedule-A Service offers you with the following:

  • Counter is reset for next visit
  • Fluid levels are corrected and checked
  • Tire pressure is corrected and checked
  • Synthetic motor oil and oil filter are changed
  • Brakes are inspected for issues

Flexible Service System: Schedule B

The Schedule-B service is based on the same factors as that of Schedule-A, which makes things easier. Here is what you stand to gain from Schedule-B Service:

  • Service counter is reset for next visit
  • Fluid levels are changed to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Tire pressure is corrected and checked
  • Brakes are inspected
  • Synthetic motor oil and oil filter are replaced

Diesel Powered Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes models that run on diesel have a separate service system, and has different service intervals, along with additional services. The service advisor at the dealership will provide you with the complete information related to the Flexible Service System for your Mercedes-Benz. Every customer of Mercedes is kept updated with all specific information when it comes to scheduled maintenance and service. Here are what services you qualify for with diesel powered Mercedes-Benz.

  • Replacement of fuel filter
  • Repairs made to the year and model of the car
  • The AdBlue fluid is replenished.

All Mercedes models that were manufactured by AMG® in 2015, and Mercedes models with V12 engines have different service requirements. Therefore, you should consult with the service advisor about the service needs of your Mercedes. It is imperative that you follow their instructions, to ensure that you remain on top of the maintenance needs of your Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz provides an extensive range of scheduled maintenance and services for all its car models. If you want to take advantage of Schedule A and Schedule B Mercedes-Benz service and maintenance, you should drop by Mercedes-Benz Brampton today. We are the #1 Mercedes-Benz dealership and service center in Brampton, Ontario.

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