Find Comfort and Liberation in the C-Class Wagon

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The 2018 C 300 4MATIC Wagon provides the very best in luxury, utility, and spaciousness that sets it apart from other cars in its category. With so many cutting-edge features, the C-Class is a benchmark for premium estate cars which you will surely want to review.

The C-Class Wagon sports a charmingly sleek and athletic look making it quite admirable in appearance compared to other station wagons that can look rather ungainly and cumbersome. You can further boost the sporting element with 19-inch AMG wheels, Night Package and Sports Package for rugged good looks.


The highly lauded cabin of the C-Class is more resplendent and functional than ever. With such ample space, the C-Class interior feels more like a posh lounge than a station wagon cabin. You can customize the plush interior with exquisite options in hand-crafted wooden trim. You can further customize the interior with ambient lighting and pliable Nappa leather. The dashboard sports a state-of-the-art, high-resolution center screen and a glistening analog instrument panel.

The 2018 C 300 offers 490 liters of space when rear seats are up and 1,510 liters of space when the seats are stowed. Hence, this C-Class Wagon has plenty of room for your household and their luggage.

Driving Experience

The C-Class Wagon rides with surprising agility thanks to the turbocharged 241 hp engine that rushes the vehicle from zero to hundred in only 6.1 seconds. The high-tech engine is well-equipped with electronically controlled multispark ignition and Direct Injection that adjusts instantly to driving conditions in order to save fuel.

You can tune driving performance with the help of DYNAMIC SELECT to suit your driving mood with just a tap of a button. This will change parameters for suspension, accelerator, steering response and transmission. There is a mode to conserve fuel and engine power. For a ride that is smooth as silk, simply select the comfort mode in one touch to smooth out rough tracks. The sport drive mode will maximize handling, stiffen the suspension for increased control, sharpens the engine response and more. You can even select your mix of parameters for individually stylized driving experience.

Even under slippery conditions, the 4MATIC system provides superior traction by varying engine torque at each of the four wheels.

The highly ergonomic steering wheel places all the right buttons at your fingertips so that you can control digital displays without touching them. You can now enjoy full control while still maintaining your focus on the road. Driving is now a breeze.

Safety Features

You may now drive with a complete sense of safety and reassurance knowing that vigilant electronic suites are watching over you and your family. Blind Spot Assist employs radar technology to look for dangers while changing lanes. ATTENTION ASSIST issues warning when it detects drowsiness. PRE-SAFE Brake maximizes braking force automatically in event of an impending accident to reduce the impact of the collision. Lane Keeping Assist alerts immediately when it detects perilous drift across lanes.

With so many safety features and so much space, the 2018 C 300 is more than just a car. It is your partner for all of life’s journeys.

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