Five 2017 Mercedes-Benz Cars That Pulled Us

August 5th, 2016 by


The sales results of Mercedes-Benz are out and it is pretty obvious that this German automaker wants to move fast. It is being tipped that the company will be launching about 20 new vehicles within the time frame of 2018. Here are some of those cars that may create quite a ripple soon.

  1. S-Class facelift

Mercedes-Benz definitely does not come out with a fresh S-Class every day. Its S-Class is often regarded as being the epitome of luxury with the best of automotive technology. Thee sedan may get an update in the next year but will just be a facelift. Now that means there would not be any key changes and will focus only on the aesthetic updates.

  1. GLA facelift

It is the youngest in the SUV lineup of Mercedes and may be up for a refresh in all probability.

  1. GT C

There is no certainty about whether Mercedes is designing a brand new car or plans to tweak its prevailing AMG GT. There have been some talks about the vehicle to be offered as a convertible, as well as, a coe.

  1. Pickup

Now, this was a bit unexpected. Mercedes-Benz is seriously concentrating to come out with an out and out pickup truck to put a completion to the Navarra from Nissan. Some experts are expecting that the design cues may be borrowed from the cool GLE SUV.

  1. GT R Coupé

Some reports tease that Mercedes is working on a new mental Black Series to include additional go-power to AMG GT- R, which is already a powerful vehicle.

It is also being said that the German carmaker is also developing electrical vehicles or EVs as a part of its “Smart” brand.

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