Interior Extras Of The Mercedes-Benz GL450

August 12th, 2016 by

Mercedes GL450

The leather wrapping in the front seats offer good support and comfort even while you are traveling at a long distance. Occupants in its second row have adequate space while the third row of a GL450 has more than sufficient room for adult passengers. This is quit commendable when you compare it with most of the other utility vehicles in the market with three rows.

The luxury positioning of the GL450 is further enhanced by its natural wooden accents that have been generously added in the entire cabin. The front seats are cooled and heated for the comfort of its occupants.

The cargo space is provided behind its 3rrd row and can be expanded as the seats can be adjusted with an electrically operated switch. The GL450 is powered by the AIRMATIC air suspension of the Mercedes and offers an immensely comfortable air ride to the occupants. The air ride has the ability to withstand big imperfections on the road without causing any jolt in the cabin.

The rack that is electronically operated in the steering make it simpler to maneuver it when the vehicle is moving at a slow sped. Its agility is enhanced due to the tighter turning radius. There are 6 cylinders in GL450 and the engine can produce a torque of 369 pound-feet.  The V6 3.0 liter engine provides all the incentives for driving on highways with great ease.

The 7-speed transmission of GL450 works wonders for regular driving.

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