Learn the Different Ways to Improve Gas Mileage on Your Mercedes

May 1st, 2018 by

Are you growing concerned about the gas mileage you are getting from your Mercedes-Benz? When was the last time you came in and got your car serviced? There are a lot of different ways in which you can improve gas-mileage on your Mercedes-Benz, and here at Mercedes Brampton, we know the best ways. So, here are the some of the ways you can adopt to improve gas mileage on your Mercedes:

1.    Stop fuming at the pumps

The first thing you must do when you want to improve gas mileage for your car is to stop being frustrated at the pumps. It is not their fault that gas prices have increased, and although adopting a positive attitude at the pump won’t improve gas mileage, it will help you calm down. Don’t get distressed over something that neither you nor the gas pump has any control over.

2.    Take care of your vehicle

The most important thing you can do for your Mercedes is to take good care of it, and ensure that it is in excellent running condition. The overall condition of your car has a big impact on its drive, and on fuel consumption and gas mileage. Always maintain a regular maintenance schedule, because it is the simple things like replacing spark plugs, fixing the alignment, or changing the air filter that will impact gas mileage on your Mercedes.

You should also check the tire pressures, and ensure that you always use the right grade of motor oil and octane gas rating for your Mercedes.

3.    Watch your driving

The way you drive also has a big impact on the gas mileage of your car, and one of the best ways to improve gas consumption is by adopting a conservative driving style. This means maintaining a constant speed, accelerating and braking slowly, and using cruise control on the highway. You shouldn’t leave your vehicle in idle, because when it is idle, the car will be burning gas.

If you are an aggressive driver, you will drive at high speeds, and that will mean your gas consumption will be higher.

4.    Plan your gas purchases

You should keep an eye on the gas prices in Brampton, and find out whether different gas stations have separate prices. If you find cheaper gas stations, then check whether they aren’t cutting corners, and then go and get your gas tank filled over there. You can plan when filling up your tank, because gas prices tend to go up before holidays or weekends. You should also buy gas when the temperature is cool because gas is denser at cold temperatures, and you get more of it.

There are a lot of different ways you can adopt to improve gas mileage on your Mercedes-Benz. If you notice that your gas consumption is way off than normal, then come in for a scheduled maintenance check at Mercedes-Brampton today.

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