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Many people are curious about leasing a vehicle, but never have.  At #MercedesBenzBrampton, we want you to know all the benefits and realities of leasing a Mercedes-Benz, so we’ve compiled this information for you.


Mercedes-Benz Financial Services has design the First Class Lease specifically for the finest family of vehicles in the world.  It’s a straight forward and easy-to-understand lease that provides the most flexible terms for your personal financial needs.  It adds an entirely new dimension to leasing, so you can arrive in the style you prefer:  First Class.


There are many advantages of leasing a Mercedes-Benz.  For example, you’ll enjoy:


  • Lower monthly payments
  • Term options + variable kilometrage
  • Single Pay option
  • Flexible lease-end options
  • Standard Gap Protection
  • More disposable income
  • The ability to drive a new vehicle more often
  • The convenience of pre-authorized payment


A Walk Away Lease (or closed-end lease) lets you make a set number of monthly payments for any term ranging from 24-60 months.  There is a limit to the amount of kilometres you can drive during the leasing term.  You are also responsible for excess wear and tear to your car.


There is also an unlimited kilometre lease available only to commercial customers.  Commercial customers can make a set number of monthly payments (24-60 months) without kilometre restrictions. At the end of the lease you are responsible for the value of the vehicle.  It’s not available in all provinces, however.


The Single Pay Options lets you make your monthly lease payments upfront.  You get a discounted payment over a traditional monthly lease payment.


You can choose from a number of lease end options at the end of your lease term.  You can extend your current lease, buy your vehicle at a predetermined Purchase Option Prices as stated on your lease agreement, of you can return your vehicle to your dealer, pay the fees and charges and then lease or buy a new vehicle that suits your tastes at that point in time!


Want to know more?  Come to Mercedes-Benz Brampton and speak with one of our finance specialists.  We’re happy to help you determine if leasing or buying is best for you!  We’re a premier Mercedes-Benz dealer in Brampton, offering great finance support, as well as Mercedes GTA service.  To view our entire inventory online visit www.mercedesbenzbrampton.ca.






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