Maybach— Mercedes-Benz Answers Its Ultra-Luxury Rivals

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Mercedes-Benz already produces some of the most luxurious cars in the world. After witnessing the S-Class, a person might think that surely nothing can beat this great car in terms of luxury features. Well, turns out that there is a segment of cars that go beyond the luxury of regular posh sedans. This type is categorized as ‘ultra luxury vehicles’.

Daimler-Benz (the parent company of Mercedes-Benz) bought Maybach in 1960. However, the company was only used to produce special editions of Mercedes-Benz cars such as the W108 and W116. The brand was then put to rest for almost four decades until 1997 when Mercedes-Benz revived it.

At the Tokyo Motor Show in 1997, Mercedes-Benz introduced two models of the Maybach, the Maybach 57 and the Maybach 62. The numbers in the names simply represent the lengths of the cars in decimeters.

Despite being so ridiculously luxurious, Maybach cars failed to attract the expected number of buyers. Immediately following its fiercest rival, BMW purchased Rolls-Royce in 1998. And to rub salt in the wound, the Rolls-Royce brand actually flourished under BMW and sold well all over the world.

Despite disastrous sales, Mercedes-Benz didn’t give up and kept on making the Maybach. The next update came in 2005 when Maybach 57S was introduced with a mammoth 6.0 L bit-turbo V12 engine that produced 603 HP. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to grab the attention of the buyers, and Maybach ended up selling only a fraction of what Rolls-Royce was selling.

After getting humiliated by Rolls-Royce in the ultra-luxury segment, Mercedes-Benz finally pulled the plug on Maybach. It accepted defeat, and it seemed like the world will never see another Maybach rollout of the factory.

In 2014, Mercedes-Benz shocked the world by announcing that it’s bringing back the Maybach brand. Just a few months later in 2015, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 was launched in Los Angeles.

This time Mercedes-Benz displayed a different approach towards developing the Maybach brand. Instead of developing a completely different car, Mercedes-Benz just introduced a beefed up version of its current S-Class. The Mercedes-Maybach S600 was longer and much more luxurious than the S-Class. It was certainly back to take on the titans, such as Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley Mulsanne.

Mercedes-Benz face-lifted the S-Class and Maybach models for 2018. The 2018 Mercedes-Maybach S650 is currently out and selling certainly well than its predecessors. It features a massive 6.0 L bi-turbo V12 engine handcrafted by AMG that produces a whopping 621 HP.

Every inch of the new S650 is made with premium material. You can get your S650 in almost every color imaginable. The car can also be fully custom made according to the requests of the customers.

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