Mercedes-AMG Project in Testing: ONE

September 5th, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz is considered one of the world’s automotive technology leading brands; which is why it’s no surprise that they have announced that they are testing a new prototype. The development of the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE show car. This concept was first presented at IAA 2017 and since then has been worked on behind the scene. The German manufacturer has invested time, money and effort in a highly complex, digital development process to develop a vehicle unlike any other: Formula 1 hybrid technology on the road.


One can only imagine how many development hours have gone into the Prototype of the century. According to Mercedes-Benz News, the manufacturer has invested hundreds of testing hours this year to master the ultimate challenge of merging high-performance drive technology that is ready for series production.

Dynamometer Tests

One of the biggest obstacles the Mercedes-Benz engineers faced was preparing the prototype to pass a series of dynamometer tests which is then followed by the installation of a highly complex powertrain into the first prototypes. Mercedes-Benz claims that the first prototypes have been tested unnoticed in England; which is a win within itself, since vehicle testing incognito, today, has proven to be a challenge alone. It is quite difficult to keep testing confidential.

Keep a close eye on the latest Mercedes-Benz technology, it is constantly evolving to ensure that they are constantly delivering the latest technology to their customers. To learn more about what kind of technology you can find inside a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, visit Mercedes-Benz Brampton.


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