Mercedes-Benz 7G-TRONIC PLUS Automatic Transmission

June 10th, 2016 by

2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 4MATIC Coupe

The new Mercedes-Benz S Class exemplifies the concept of harmony in performance. There’s no room for abruption here. With the 7G-Tronic Plus Automatic Transmission in control, gear changes are imperceptible. That’s something you can expect even under dynamic driving conditions.

The system filters out all vibrations and noise, reducing them to the lowest levels achievable; the result being pure comfort, while traveling.

The new transmission system is also optimized to deliver top notch levels of driving comfort and efficiency. The 7 forward motion gears come with a wide gear ratio. However, they do not compromise on the speed increases between each shift, resulting in minimal momentum loss. On the whole, gear transitions are as smooth as butter and the overall driving experience feels like a dream.

The system is even engineered to skip over gears, resulting in multiple downshifts and quick acceleration becoming a possibility. The transmission also adapts its gear changing behavior based on driving modes such as “Economy”, “Sport”, and “Manual”.

In the “Manual” driving mode, drivers have the freedom to shift gears manually via the Direct Select shift paddles located behind the steering wheel for a sportier driving experience. The Direct Select system also comes with a shift lever as well, which is situated on the steering column. This allows drivers to choose shift modes such as P, R, N, and D.

Wondering what the 7 G Tronic Plus transmission systems really feels like? Why don’t you get a first-hand taste of things by booking the all new Mercedes-Benz S Class for a test drive at Mercedes-Benz Brampton?







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