Mercedes-Benz and Technology: A Commitment to the Future

December 27th, 2016 by

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Automobile manufacturers are always looking for new ways to push their vehicles through new technology.  We’re seeing more and more vehicles entering a new era of programmability and safety. Electric and hybrid cars are more energy efficient than we ever imagined, and when operating on battery power have zero emissions. New autonomous or self-driving cars are making long drives on highways more bearable. These new advancements help make the world a safer and cleaner place.


Did you know that Mercedes-Benz pioneered its first all-electric vehicle in 1906?  Now, a century later, the all-electric B250e is another EV first, because it’s a Mercedes-Benz. That means you get more than zero emissions and energy efficiency—you get a luxury vehicle that’s roomy, versatile and generously outfitted.


All electric cars like the B250e are helping reduce the amount of pollutants and greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere. In places like China and even London, smog and pollution has become so bad that it’s a necessity at times to wear a surgical mask to go outside.  These foul contaminants can cause lung damage and exacerbate current conditions like asthma. Those governments have already imposed emission regulations on new cars.


Other technological advances will allow us to drive autonomous cars—but they will really be driving themselves. They will easily be able to share information with nearby autonomous cars, including intended path and when they will speed up or slow down. Accidents and collisions could become a thing of the past. Look for these cars to hit the market as early as 2020.


At #MercedesBenz, we’re committed to developing and using new technology that will enhance your driving experience, all while providing you with the luxury you so deserve.  You can view our entire inventory online at  Come see your Mercedes-Benz dealer in Brampton.  We’re the best Brampton dealership!






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