Mercedes-Benz And The Heart And Stroke Foundation Join Hands To Save A Life

May 9th, 2016 by


To help the public learn the skill of CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation), Mercedes-Benz and the Heart and Stroke Foundation have joined hands to save lives. This is the fourth consecutive year where these sessions are being offered at seven of the Mercedes-Benz corporate stores in the Greater Toronto area that started in April 2016.

There has been a rise in the number of people suffering from heart related ailments and strokes. Due to this partnership, people benefit by not succumbing to the attack because of timely intervention by CPR trained individuals. Without suitable knowledge of CPR or defibrillation, fewer people survive. By supporting the initiative of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Mercedes Benz has helped people in an emergency in truly lifesaving ways.

Bystander intervention can save the lives of people. The premise of the association is to make sure that free public CPR skills and AED awareness events empower people to help someone in need. To make an accident less severe or damaging, suitable CPR must be administered. Without proper training people can end up with serious ailments later.

The joint venture alliance works well in curbing the spread of the disease with prompt attention. Most people on the global spectrum do not have the knowledge of basic CPR. This option makes the learning pattern easy and definitely useful. The opportunity to learn the skill and administer it when required is a lifesaver. The brand has really gone over and beyond their promise to bettering the lives of people and this venture works favorably indeed.

Visit the Mercedes-Benz Brampton outlet for detailed information about the partnership of the automobile giant and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.







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