Mercedes-Benz Brampton Service Team: Defrosters 101

February 8th, 2017 by

No one understands your #MercedesBenz better than the Service team at Mercedes-Benz Brampton. Our goal is to keep your Mercedes-Benz running beautifully year after year, mile after mile.  Here’s a little advice about defrosters that might make your life a little easier.

What A Defroster Does

The front window defroster in your Mercedes-Benz is designed to remove frost, ice and condensation from the front windshield. You may also be equipped with a back-window defroster.

Why Condensation Forms

The outdoor temperature has a big effect on condensation. Condensation can form on your windows when the outdoor temperature is colder than the temperature inside your vehicle. Especially during cold Ontario winters, when outdoor temperatures drop further, the condensation can turn to frost or ice.


How A Defroster Clears Your Window

The front defroster system in your car has vents aimed at the windshield. In newer vehicles, there are also side vents in the dashboard that are aimed at the driver’s side and passenger’s side windows. The same fan and blower motor for your heater and air conditioner systems circulate air to the vents to defrost the windows. Rear window defrosters usually operate from electric wiring built into the rear window. The wiring heats up the window and melts the frost and ice.


Routine Maintenance is Important

The front defroster system in your #MercedesBenz relies on the coolant, thermostat, heating system and blower fan. These all need to be operating properly so your defroster can clear your windows. Our Service Technicians are happy to check out the components for your defroster system, as well as any other recommended maintenance for your vehicle. You can conveniently schedule an appointment through our website.  We are a premier Mercedes-Benz dealer in Brampton, providing Mercedes GTA service to our valued customers.






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