Mercedes-Benz Brampton Spring Driving Tips

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Spring time is finally upon us, bringing along blooming flowers, rising temperatures and, of course, spring showers. With the switch from snow to rain, you may think driving strategies are no different. However, it’s important to be prepared for any situation, especially when it comes to your safety. That’s why #MBBrampton has developed a list of tips for you to consider when driving in the rain.


  1. Slow down

As obvious as it sounds, drivers still ignore this for whatever reason. With reduced visibility and harder braking and turning conditions, it’s important to reduce risk by driving at a slower speed.


  1. Wipers on? Lights on

An important rule of thumb to remember is this:  if your windshield wipers are on, then your headlights should be on, too. It is actually a law in some U.S. States but no Canadian province carries it. With that said it’s still important, as this allows drivers to see your vehicle in rough conditions, especially from the side and rear.


  1. Maintaining your windshield wipers

Replacing windshield wipers is an expensive task, but have you thought of just replacing the rubber strip? Canada’s extreme heat and cold weather tend to wear out your blades faster than normal. For $10 you can replace your damaged rubber strip so that you can get better performance for your benefit.


  1. Mastering the art

Patience, patience, patience. In the rain, allowing more room between yourself in other vehicles is important. Following tracks of the vehicle in front where water has been pushed away always helps and overtaking large vehicles to get out of their spray is much safer. If the road sags from heavy traffic, keep the tires closer to the road’s crown so that you won’t traverse over standing water.


  1. Don’t panic when hydroplaning

Losing control of your vehicle is scary and that’s what happens when you hydroplane. Steps to get out of this situation include finding exactly where you want to go, easing off the gas so weight transfers to your front wheels, softly applying brakes and steering towards a spot with less water on the road.


  1. Check your tires

You should always be aware of the tread on your tires, since the better your grip, the safer you’ll be. Also checking for inflation is important, as tires generally lose a pound of pressure a month.


  1. Dry your brakes

You may wonder how the heck that is possible. Thankfully, the car does most of the work for you by touching the pads to the rotors to scrub water or adding heat to the rotor to remove water. It can also be done manually by softly applying brakes after you go through a wet spot.


  1. Keep the inside dry

Rain brings humidity, and humidity brings foggy windows. Keep your air conditioning on to dry the hot air as it moves into your vehicle. Set the airflow to the dash vents, not defrost, so that the windshield sweats in warm weather.


  1. Avoid standing water and puddles

We’ve all been guilty of plowing through standing water or puddles, but you should avoid it. Water can splash into the engine and short-circuit electronics. Big puddles also tend to cause the steering wheel to pull hard to one side, which can lead to an accident. Always avoid deep standing water, because if it gets in the interior it will create mold and rot your cabin forever.


  1. Be smart with technology

There are plenty of awesome features that come with modern vehicles to make you feel safe. Do not let them develop a false sense of security when it comes to driving in the rain. The best functions for wet weather are ABS systems, traction control and stability control.


With these tips, you should conquer the Spring driving season with no problems at all. If you are looking for any service to prepare your vehicle for the new season, feel free to visit our Brampton dealership. Our trained Mercedes-Benz Brampton technicians will take care of any issue you have with our array of genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, so you can get back on the road safely. For more information, visit our website at






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