Mercedes-Benz Canada and RONA Announce Grand Prize Winner

June 1st, 2016 by


Mercedes-Benz Canada recently collaborated with one of the largest and most popular hardware stores to create the Mercedes-Benz and RONA prize for one lucky winner. The prize was a $50,000 RONA mid-size cargo van which allowed for an easy and simple cargo and hardware delivery system.

Mercedes-Benz has always been one of the most successful automobile brands in the world. The company stands for and represents sheer power and the ultimate symbol in luxury. Mercedes has for years been synonymous with the best quality vehicle lineup that money can buy. The German automobile maker is renowned for its prowess and quality across the world. Mercedes-Benz Canada, has been part of furthering the efforts of the general brand of the automobile. The company has been actively involved in getting the best brand out there to the North American market. Mercedes-Benz Canada has also taken an active role in the social responsibility of its environment of business. Mercedes-Benz takes its social responsibility very seriously and promotes the strengthening of the environment and establishment of its market and consumer base.

RONA is one of the leading hardware and cargo brands in Canada. The brand is a go to resource for any hardware and cargo related issues. Rona recently partnered with Mercedes-Benz to provide for a great prize. To know more, visit Mercedes-Benz Brampton today.







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