Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class— the Baby Sibling of the CLS-Class

October 24th, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz currently has a vast lineup of vehicles in every category. Most of the car manufacturers are turning their heads towards the production of SUV due to their explosive demand. Mercedes-Benz, on the other hand, is still producing new models for even the smallest cars in its lineup. One of these smaller cars is the CLA-Class.

The CLA-Class is a 4-door coupe that was the entry-level luxury sedan for many years. It has now been replaced by the upcoming A-Class sedan, which will also be available in Canada.


Mercedes-Benz started the trend of 4-door coupe back in 2004 by launching the CLS-Class. The CLS-Class was well received worldwide, which caught the attention of many rival companies. These companies also launched their versions of the 4-door coupe.

After almost 10 years of launching the CLS, Mercedes-Benz announced its little sibling— the CLA-Class. The CLA-Class was launched to replace the C-Class as the entry-level luxury sedan. It is still in its first generation and has to redesigned.


The Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class was designed to be as small as possible. It is even smaller than the C-Class, which makes sense as the C-Class has increased in size with each new model. The CLA-Class has a similar design as its bigger sibling (CLS-Class). It is sleek yet curvy, and the slightly curving backend indicates that it was designed to be a 4-door coupe.

The interior of the car is also a typical Mercedes-Benz style work. However, it is quite distinctive from the other sedans by the brand. The dashboard is designed in the shape of a wing, and it features a small 8-inch screen on top. As it’s a coupe, the seats are designed to give a sporty look, which they certainly are.


There are multiple engine variants for each model that falls under the CLA-Class badge. The most prominent one is fitted in the CLA250, which is a 1.6 L inline-4 turbocharged engine. It produces 208 HP, which is plenty for a car of this stature.

The CLA250 is also fitted with a 7-speed DCT transmission, which provides acceleration and performance just like a manual car. It also features the ECO start/stop system, which shuts down the engine when you are standing idle waiting at the traffic lights. The engine starts immediately as you put your foot down on the accelerator.


If the CLA250 is up to your standard in performance and styling, then you can always go for its more aggressive variant, the CLA45. Mercedes-AMG CLA45 features a bigger 2.0 L twin-turbocharged inline-4 engine that produces 375 HP. It is the most powerful inline-4 engine that the German automakers produce. It can propel the little car from 0-60 mph in just 4.2 seconds, which is crazy fast for an inline-4 engine. The CLA45 also has a much more sporty look than the standard CLA-Class.

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