Mercedes-Benz: Company History, Current Models & Interesting Facts

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Since its inception, Mercedes-Benz has been synonymous with style and luxury. After all, it is the company which opened the floodgates of the automobile industry.

Company overview

The world after January 1886 has been significantly different from the one before thanks to Karl Benz who introduced the Benz Patent Motorwagon, regarded as the world’s first motor car. 15 years later, in 1901, Mercedes began marketing cars and started selling them in 1926. The automobile industry has gained significantly from the company’s innovations over the years. Airbags, 4-wheel brakes, anti-locking brakes, and traction control systems were all introduced by Mercedes. It also places high in passenger safety systems. With its headquarters in Germany, the company has production units in 26 countries across the globe.

The current lineup

Hatchbacks, SUVs, limousines, MPVs, sedans – you name it, they’ve got it. Mercedes-Benz has over 20 different models in its lineup which include the B-Class, Viano, and R-Class of multi-purpose vehicles, the G-Class, GLA-, GLB-, GLK-, and M-Class of SUVs, and a wide range of luxury roadsters with a huge following across Europe. The standout model for the company is the S-Class luxury sedan, which has been in its portfolio since the beginning. As their nomenclature suggests, the cars are in a class of their own.

What’s interesting!

Cars, being the primary offering, are not the only motor vehicles Mercedes dabbles in. The company features a lineup of bikes with innovations such as a folding bike, a trail bike, and a lightweight carbon frame bike. An interesting aspect is that Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of another luxury car company, Porsche, started as an automotive engineer at Mercedes-Benz.

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