Mercedes-Benz Develops Sub-Brands and Hypercars

October 20th, 2016 by


Mercedes-Benz is currently developing a hypercar that could run into a potential branding problem. The company’s addition of sub-brands has presented a new issue. The car that is being produced will be branded as a Mercedes-Benz, but it is being developed by AMG. AMG is Mercedes-Benz’s performance sub-brand. The new car will share the Formula 1 hybrid powertrain. This makes the vehicle eligible to be part of the EQ sub-brand Mercedes-Benz recently created for electric vehicles.


Mercedes-Benz confirmed their development of a new hyper car at the Paris Motor Show. They also spoke of the new EQ brand. The expressed their excitement about the new sub-brands, and they told consumers that they were unconcerned with the potential of a long name for the new vehicle. Mercedes-Benz stated that they have a strong strategy for which cars will carry the EQ name, and which vehicles will keep their existing branding. The car is said to be due in about two years. Though the name has yet to be released, the electric car is sure to find its place in the Mercedes-Benz lineup.


The development of these new sub-brands is exciting news for Mercedes-Benz and their consumers. Consumers can expect new releases as the company continues to grow. If you are looking to purchase a new Mercedes-Benz, visit us at #Mercedes-BenzBrampton. For more information about our most recent selection, check us out online.







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