Mercedes-Benz EQ Model Lineup

September 11th, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz is taking a big step towards smart vehicle technology by announcing their latest product and technology brand EQ. “Electric Intelligence,” also known as EQ, for short, is a growing family of all-electric vehicles by the OEM. In recent Mercedes-Benz news, they recently announced model EQC: the first Mercedes-Benz product model under this new all-electric model lineup. The EQC is the first model in what is considered a growing lineup for Mercedes-Benz. The electric SUV has an impressive 280-mile range and is considered the brand’s trailblazing model design. The EQC embodies technology features, digital and analog elements which seamlessly merge into a futuristic exterior design.

Under the Hood

The Mercedes-Benz EQ is the first model to be launched under the newest Mercedes-Benz product line: EQ. The EQC features a drive system unlike any other Mercedes-Benz has ever delivered in passenger vehicles; featuring compact electric drivetrains at each axle, the EQC is unlike any other Mercedes-Benz vehicle on the road. The manufacturer also revealed that in order to reduce power consumption and increase dynamism, each drivetrain is configured differently and together they output 300 kW with a maximum torque of 564 lb-ft.


In addition, to the already impressive Mercedes-Benz technology, the German engineers also equipped the EQC with the latest Mercedes-Benz driving assistance systems: Intelligent Drive Package, Predictive Speed Adjustment and Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC – just another reason to love this new model.

Mercedes-Benz also ensured that the new model met the highest requirements with respect to safety. The safety tests went beyond the extensive crash tests, Mercedes-Benz tested the battery and all component parts carrying electrical current to ensure the vehicle exceeded the highest legal requirements.

To learn more about the EQC, reach out to Mercedes-Benz Brampton and schedule a time for you to come see the latest Mercedes-Benz technology up close.


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