Mercedes-Benz EQ S: The S-Class of Electric Vehicles

August 16th, 2018 by

The recent rise in fuel prices and global warming has forced many car manufacturers to take big steps in vehicle production. These ‘big steps’ were to create more eco-friendly and fuel efficient vehicles for the upcoming generation. The hybrid vehicles were a result of this change in the industry, and they became pretty successful. Now that the hybrid vehicles have become really common, the next step is definitely all-electric vehicles.

Many car manufacturers have already taken steps towards this approach by introducing their all-electric models. Mercedes-Benz, however, is taking patient steps towards it. There are close to 10 all-electric vehicles currently under development at Mercedes-Benz, and we can expect them to be released in late 2020.

The model that is set to lead the EQ division of the Mercedes-Benz is the ‘EQ S’.  Judging by the letter designation of Mercedes-Benz the ‘S’ in the EQ S indicates that it might be based on the flagship car of the brand, which is the S-Class.

Mercedes-Benz EQ S

Mercedes-Benz hasn’t released any official details regarding their top model of the EQ line-up other than the fact that it will be their biggest sedan. The EQ S might be termed as the S-Class of EQ division, but it won’t be replacing the actual S-Class anytime soon. Mercedes-Benz has decided to keep their EQ brand separate from their current vehicle line-up.

The EQ S is expected to launch somewhere in the year 2020, which is the same year Mercedes-Benz also expects to launch the next generation of their S-Class. Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that the EQ S will be built on an entirely new platform. Nothing will be inherited from the flagship car except from the ‘S’ designation. The reason for that is that the S-Class is not designed to be an electric car in the first place. Its platform can only support hybrid technology and an all-electric design cannot be implemented on its platform.

Nothing can be confirmed regarding the power-train of the EQ S as of now. We’ll just have to wait for the official announcement from Mercedes-Benz.

Other Models of EQ line-up

So far only two other models have been confirmed by the Mercedes-Benz officials, the EQA hatchback and the EQ C crossover vehicle. However, EQA is still an idea. It still hasn’t undergone production.

Michael Kelz is the chief engineer for the development of the upcoming EQ C crossover vehicle. He confirmed that EQ C will feature two electric motors, which will produce a combine horsepower of 400. These motors will be powered by a 70 kWh battery that will also provide a range of up to 300 miles.

The EQ C crossover will be the first vehicle that will be launched from the EQ line-up, and it could be launched this year only.


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