Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Overview

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Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class is a mid-size luxury SUV that was launched back in 1997 as the ML-Class. In fact, this vehicle would be classified as ML-Class even up until the current third generation. The classification was updated as the GLE-Class with its 2015 facelift. The ‘E’ in the GLE is an indication of the mid-size lineup by Mercedes-Benz, just like the E-Class sedan.

Design Aesthetics

Mercedes-Benz has really improved on the design aesthetics of their previously known ML-Class vehicle. The current 2018 GLE-Class has a beautiful but classy look that no other mid-size luxury SUV can match. It has the same ‘DNA’ of the E-Class sedan which it is based on. The GLE-Class has an aggressive-looking frontend with a big three-pointed star badge in the middle. The backend looks tame just to balance the personality of the car.

The interior is typically the same as it is in other SUVs in the GL lineup of Mercedes-Benz. But it does seem custom-made and every material you touch has a premium feel.


There are several engine choices available for the GLE-Class models. You can choose a modest 3.5 L naturally-aspirated V6. And you can also go for the most powerful non-AMG engine, which is a 4.6 L V8 bi-turbo that produces 400 HP. These engines are available in all the 4MATIC and non-AMG variants of the GLE-Class.


One area in which every Mercedes-Benz vehicle excels is the variants of the models. All the variants of the GLE-Class are available as either rear-wheel drive or as four-wheel drive (4MATIC). Below are the variants of the GLE-Class that you can buy today:

GLE Coupe

The GLE-Class Coupe is designed to look sporty and aggressive which adds more flavor to this class. Coupes are popular for their sporty look which is why Mercedes-Benz decided to add a coupe line-up in their SUVs as well.


All the vehicles at Mercedes-Benz go through the AMG treatment to produce their most powerful versions. The GLE-Class has three different models under the Mercedes-AMG badge.

  • GLE 43
  • GLE 63
  • GLE 63 S

The most powerful of them all is the GLE 63 S which features a handcrafted 5.5 L bi-turbo V8 which produces a whopping 518 HP @5,250 RPM.

2019 GLE-Class

The current generation of the GLE-Class was introduced seven years ago in 2011 which is quite a long time for a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. However, Mercedes-Benz has announced a completely redesigned fourth generation of the GLE-Class as the next year’s model. The new model will go on sale later this year.

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