Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe Tech Features

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Mercedes-Benz ensured that its GLE Coupe model line is powered by some of the most advanced technical features to make the travel of its occupants a relaxed one.
Check out some of these features here:

Free updates on navigation maps for three years

It is a known fact that locations of fuel stations, places of interest and roads keep on changing. When the onboard database of your COMAND® navigation system is periodically updated to provide accurate guidance on road, it is of a great help. The updates are provided free of cost for the initial 3 years. In fact, if you take your Coupe to an authorized dealer, the update can be completed within an hour’s time.

Dual high-resolution monitors

Two high-resolution and crisp screens with a count of high pixels are provided for better resolutions and with automatic adjustment to light which helps in providing smooth and animated displays of vehicle settings, information and entertainment settings. Right at the central dashboard’s top there is a freestanding monitor measuring 8-inches that offers optional navigation, audio and various other characteristics that features a sleek profile of its dashboard. The driver can view a color monitor along with sharp texts and illustrated menus for driving systems and settings right in front of him or her.

Touchpad controller with COMAND

Intuitive access is offered by the GLE Coupe for entertainment, ample convenience and available navigation. The Coup’s central controller can be easily accessed and a touchpad with 1-touch keys and a rotary knob for the key functions. Its touchpad can respond to different types of finger motions such as handwriting, pinch and swipe.

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