Mercedes-Benz Hacks: Get the Inside Track on the Tech and How to Use It

April 2nd, 2018 by

Technology has greatly advanced over the years, and has revolutionized the way cars are driven, along with the experiences they provide. There are a lot of automakers pushing the boundaries of cutting-edge technology to deliver exemplary experiences to car drivers. Mercedes-Benz has always been at the forefront of using state-of-the-art technology in cars.

They are committed to providing drivers with technology that offers them with a unique driving experience. If you are interested in getting a Mercedes-Benz, make sure you understand the different technologies offered in the cars. Here are all the recent technology upgrades you will find in Mercedes-Benz cars, and how you should use them.

1.    Collision prevention assist

This feature is designed to monitor surrounding vehicles around your Mercedes-Benz at all times. The collision prevention assist will alert you in case of a collision, and assist in braking to avoid accidents. Mercedes-Benz is always working to make cars safer for drivers, and this feature ensures safer driving.

2.    Active parking assist

Don’t know how to properly park your car? Don’t worry, you won’t be made to look a fool by failing to park your new Mercedes-Benz, since it comes with active parking assist. It makes parallel parking easier, as the Active Parking Assist feature will find a spot for the car, and once you put it in reverse, it will park the car by itself, saving you the trouble.

3.    Magic vision control

All drivers hate it when their vision is blurred by a dirty windshield. With Magic Vision Control, you no longer need to worry because the feature cleans your windshield, ensuring you have clear view of the road. It ensures you no longer have to pull to the side of the road to clean your windshield as you get a self cleaning windshield while you drive.

4.    Advanced access system

You will come across the keyless entry feature in most modern cars, and Mercedes-Benz also offers it in the form of the Advanced Access System. The Keyless Go system helps the car recognize the key in your purse or pocket when you walk up to it, and will unlock the car when you grab the door handle. Now you don’t have to fish around in your pockets or purse for the keys because if you have them with you, the car will unlock itself. This feature works for the trunk as well, as you can open it simply by waving your foot!

5.    Lighting technologies

You don’t have to worry about shifting the lights on your Mercedes-Benz for different roads and conditions, since the car comes with lighting technologies. This helps drivers concentrate on the road ahead, without having to switch from high to low beams, since the car reads the conditions and adjusts the lights itself. Features like the Adaptive High-Beam Assist are designed to light up the darkest roads, and give you clear view no matter the conditions.

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