Mercedes-Benz have launched the A-Class and Its coming to Canada

August 10th, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz produces a wide range of vehicles in almost every category. However, some of these vehicles are limited to certain areas only due to regional demands. Same has been the case for the entry-level model of Mercedes-Benz, the A-Class.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class was launched more than two decades ago, but it has never been sold in North America. The reason it wasn’t sold there was that it has a hatchback and was specifically designed to be sold in the European market. But now Mercedes-Benz has decided to extend the wings of the A-Class model by introducing it to the North American market. This is why they have just launched the A-Class sedan.

For all of its 20+ years of life, the A-Class was manufactured and sold as a hatchback. It has also been the smallest and cheapest car produced by Mercedes-Benz. Now its sedan variant is set to make its debut on the western shores. It will represent the A-Class like never before.

Just days before the announcement of the sedan variant, Mercedes-Benz introduced the new 2019 A-Class hatchback for the European and Asian market. This will be the fourth generation of the A-Class. This is why the new model is a complete redesign.

The new A-Class sedan is similar to its hatchback sibling in every single way except for the extended trunk in the back. It also features the exact same Mercedes-Benz infotainment system that was introduced for the new hatchback. The system features side-by-side LED screens on the dashboard along with ambient light and many other luxury features that you would also find in high-end models of the brand.

The exterior of the car represents the new design DNA of Mercedes-Benz. The front of the car looks strikingly similar to the new CLS-Class model. The back of the car features a relatively smaller trunk and new taillights, which are distinctive from the hatchback model. Mercedes-Benz claims that the shape of the new A-Class sedan was developed through an air tunnel. This makes it the most aerodynamic production sedan in the world.

The design language of the car is really ‘swoopy’ which shows that Mercedes-Benz wants to categorize it as a ‘four-door coupe’. The new A-Class sedan is just slightly smaller than the CLA-Class, which was previously the smallest sedan of the brand.

For now, the only model that will be coming to the North American market is the A220. The A220 will feature a 2.0 L turbo-charged inline-4 gasoline engine that is expected to churn out 188 HP and 221 lb-ft of torque. This is the only model that will be coming to Canada as far as we know. We’ll just have to wait and see whether an AMG variant of the model will be announced or not.

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