Mercedes-Benz History of Safety Innovation

June 3rd, 2016 by

Mercedes 2

Mercedes-Benz has historically been known as one of the most quality built vehicle lineups throughout its long and storied history. Mercedes-Benz has been represented in pop culture as the pinnacle of success, stardom and glory. To keep up with this reputation, Mercedes has been constant in innovation and improvement. Mercedes-Benz understands the value of safety in any and all of its vehicles and takes safety for their drivers and passengers seriously to the fullest extent.

Mercedes has always regarded safety as a pinnacle of their business model that encourages drivers and passengers to feel confident and secure from behind the wheel of one of their vehicles. It is this push towards safety, technology and innovation that has earned Mercedes-Benz vehicles top safety scores for decades.

The company is at the forefront of safety innovation, and has been constantly introducing and using the latest technology to keep their passengers out of harm’s way. For more information on the history of safety innovations at Mercedes-Benz, and to learn about current innovative safety features, visit Mercedes-Benz Brampton today and seek a demonstration of your own.








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