Mercedes-Benz Is About to Change the Navigation Game Forever

September 24th, 2018 by

Navigation systems have been around for quite a while now. Many manufacturers around the world have it in their cars. However, people always tend to avoid the onboard navigation systems no matter how good they are. This is because of the complexity of these systems and the difficulty in using them while driving on the road. People trust their Smartphone because of their advanced voice recognition systems and easier to access map.

Mercedes-Benz has always been the leader when it comes to top-of-the line satellite navigation systems. It is about to change the car navigation systems forever, and they will bring back the trust people once had for this technology. They have partnered with What3Words – a UK based startup – to build a revolutionary navigation system for its upcoming cars. The first model of the brand new MBUX system is already introduced in the upcoming 2019 A-Class. This model will go on sale at the end of this year.


To understand how the upcoming MUBX navigation system is going to work, let’s have a look at the company working on it.  What3Words is a fairly new company that was founded back in 2013. It’s headquarters are in Westbourne, London.

What3Words is a unique geocoding system that is set to revolutionize the way we use maps. Usually, when we are looking to find any location on our current modern map apps, we have to type the specific name and street of the location. With What3Words you only require 3 words to find any location in the entire world. What3Words has named every piece of land such as a house, a business park, or a shop into a 3-word code. By using this app, all you have to do is input the designated 3 word address by typing or through voice command and it will present you the shortest possible route to your destination.

New MBUX System

Mercedes-Benz wants to minimize the use of smartphones while driving. This is why they are working on ways to eliminate the need to use it every way. You already have smart calling system through the MBUX infotainment. The new MBUX system features the What3Words app that is specially designed for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This app will allow the users to find their destination by only using 3 words. They will also be able to do it while driving through voice command system of the MBUX.

This new navigation system will save time and effort that you had to waste on finding your destination previously. The first vehicle to get this system is the entry-level compact vehicle of the brand— the A-Class. This means that the new system will be available for pretty much all the upper models of the Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz is known for their pioneering efforts to change the automotive world for good. This is why it is no surprise that they are going to change the way we access maps starting next year.


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