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June 27th, 2016 by

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The news is not new. You might have already heard about it. Mercedes-Benz aspires and intends to design and launch its own pickup van by the time the present decade comes to an end.

Now, there is a first realistic peak at what exactly Mercedes-Benz have in mind for designing its pickup. The initial rendering demonstrates that it is a truck that appears to have got inspiration from the present GLE Coupe. However, there seems to be a striking difference behind its passenger compartment.

It is almost certain that the renowned German automaker may include innumerable design cues from its existing vehicle lineups. The pickup vehicle may look its part and there is a likelihood of it sharing a few design details from some of the other vehicles. However, despite all that, the truck is sure to have a distinct appearance.

There may be debates regarding whether the aim of this truck is serve as a c or it will be a status symbol for luxury traveling. But Mercedes-Benz seems to be clear about this. It has said that the new truck will be an addition to its existing van lineup. That is a clear indication that it will not serve as a toy but as a tool.

The new truck may face still competition from vehicles like Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok as far as the content is concerned but neither of these two can be compared to the trademark Mercedes-Benz luxury the American trucks that are known for their top-specifications.

It is also crucial to note who the target audience of the truck will be. According to Mercedes-Benz, the truck is meant for Europe, South Africa and Latin American countries. So, no wonder, that its prime competitors will be Amarok and Ranger.

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