Mercedes- Benz Is Building A Pickup – III

July 1st, 2016 by

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This is the third part of the discussion. For more details read the first two parts.

Curiosity is building up to know what features will be available in its cabin. Is the van designed to function as a workhorse or as a luxo-truck?

The new pickup van is the latest entry for the German carmaker in the mid-size segment. It is supposed to compete in passenger as well as cargo segments. While the design may not be exactly similar to the interior of the new pickup’s interior, at lease the level of luxury versus utility features can be understood here.

When you observe the dashboard, you will find that it is made of plastic. The same applies for its radio interface as well and also for the center console. There is a two-gauge, simple cluster with a useful TFT display for showing vehicle information to the driver.

You will also find a steering wheel wrapped in leather as an optional feature couple by chrome accents that will remind you about the heritage of the vehicle. The vehicle’s interior is at par with both the all-new Ranger and the Amarok. As of now, this is what can be expected out of this new midsize pickup van from Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz may offer many engine options stating from gasoline, four-cylinder and a cost-saving engine to a strong turbodiesel. Currently, it is not easy to exactly pinpoint what will be sliding under its hood since there is about 5 years left for the truck to hit the market.

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