Mercedes-Benz Leasing Options


What’s the best lease option for your Mercedes-Benz? First Class!

The First Class lease, by Mercedes-Benz Financial, is a perfect match for the finest family of vehicles in the world. Our expertise and experience helped create a straightforward and easy-to-understand lease, offering flexible terms for your financial needs. The First Class Lease offers an entirely new level of experience – worthy of First Class.

Leasing Benefits

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Term options and variable mileage
  • Flexible lease-end options
  • Standard Gap Protection
  • Single Pay Option
  • Increased disposable income
  • Switch to a new vehicle more easily
  • Convenient Pre-Authorized Payment

Walk Away Lease

A Closed-End Lease (or “walk away lease”) allows you to make monthly payments for any terms between 24 and 60 months, with a set mileage allowance during the term. You also remain responsible for excess wear and tear to the vehicle.

Unlimited Kilometre Lease (for Commercial Customers Only)

In an Open-End Lease (or “unlimited kilometer”), commercial customers can also make monthly payments for any term between 24 and 60 months – but the main benefit is there’s no limit on mileage. At the end of an Open-Lease, the commercial customer becomes responsible for the vehicle’s residual value. Keep in mind this option may not be available in all Canadian provinces.

Single Pay Option

The Single Pay Option allows you to enjoy a generous discount by paying up front for all your monthly lease payment.

Lease End Options

At the end of your lease term, you can choose from several options:

  • Return the vehicle to Mercedes-Benz Brampton, pay any fees and charges, and lease or buy a new vehicle
  • Extend your existing lease [1]
  • Buy your vehicle for the Purchase Option Price listed on your lease agreement (Mercedes-Benz Brampton can help you finance this purchase [2])

[1] Not available in all provinces. [2] Subject to credit approval.