Mercedes-Benz on Track to Win 2016 Sales Award

September 2nd, 2016 by


Mercedes-Benz has seen sales rise in July twice as fast as its biggest competitor, BMW. The brand has claimed the lead in luxury car sales for 2016. Its recent releases and updated classics have helped the automotive company edge out the competition.


Mercedes has seen 1.17 million deliveries, a 12 percent increase, for the first half of the year. BMW has only seen a 5.6 increase, falling behind Mercedes by more than 30,000 vehicles. The third brand in the competition is Audi, with a 5.2 percent gain totaling 1.1 million cars.


These three brands are in competition to have the highest number of global sales. BMW has held this position since 2005. Mercedes has been hard at work producing new vehicle models like the GLC crossover and its redesigned E-Class business sedan. These new options and updates have boosted Mercedes-Benz sales. BMW is slated to begin redesigning its vehicles next year, allowing Mercedes the upper hand as the competition continues.


The numbers don’t lie. Mercedes-Benz continues to engineer the best luxury vehicles on the market. They have several options to fit the needs of any car buyer. To view the latest vehicles Mercedes-Benz has to offer, visit Mercedes-Benz Brampton.







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