Mercedes-Benz Plans To Debut Truck Concept

October 31st, 2016 by

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Back in 2015, Mercedes-Benz made a promise to create a midsize truck by 2020. The company recently confirmed that they would be showing their new concept for the 2020 GLT Mercedes-Benz on October 25. The car has yet to be named, but rumors state that it will most likely be called the GLT.


Mercedes-Benz reportedly plans to debut the car globally at an art gallery in Sweden this month. The truck will be presented with an outlook of the design. The company will also explain their strategy for the product. Though official details have yet to be released, the car has been said to be “A new kind of tough.”


Some reports have described the new truck #Mercedes-Benz has been developing. The company has been said to be co-developing the car with Nissan to minimize costs and maximizing thoroughness. Several photos have been spotted of the new car. It is said to look like the Nissan Navara truck. Some sources say the new vehicle will copy some styling designs from the GL-Class SUV. Speculations have also been made about the powertrain. It is believed to be borrowing the engine and transmission options from the GL-Class.


The debut of this new concept will happen late October. If you are interested in a new Mercedes-Benz, come see us at Mercedes-Benz Brampton. For more information about what we have to offer, check us on online at






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